Berichten getagd met: Fractal Explorer


De zoen
zonder offer
gevig en gul
rijk het vermogen
Terwijl alle tranen

© DochterSions

Fractal gemaakt met Fractal Explorer

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Dancing Butterflies in The Forest


Made with Fractal Explorer a while ago.

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Made with Fractal Explorer.


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Emerging from Darkness


Emerging from the darkness,
a ghost of my past
time and again
he is involved

Around the corner
keeps an eye
as it did my life.
I unaware of
not knowing
that he or she was there

In my subconscious
deeply buried
as if it was a treasure.
However, increasing, more and more
I see the truth
about how angry
it was
‘cause I was born
with a different spirit
than its from him, her, it

I now in reality
come up against,
I meet and recognize

Again an older fractal, as poem from my gallery.
actually from January 2011.

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Mountains and Valleys

On mountains and in valleys
Yes, you’re everywhere.
Where we will always err
So, are you anywhere.
Wherever my mind floats
is that You are there.
Be it low, or high exalted
Yes, You are everywhere.


(This is pure made with Fractal Explorer)

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