Ballet Nature Pure


On a red carpet
see a ballet
pure nature

Heels high
sun on its body
waiting for
an unsuspecting

See how
Crab Spider
is frankly steeling
the show

And while
comes the feeling
to make
a big bow

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Poppy bulb in a sci-fi -role


No PP at all, I never do this with my photo’s.
It is always how it is šŸ™‚
Maybe for I have no time to do this, or perhaps ‘cause I can’t ;D

A shooting star, or a space probe,
don’t know which mode
something that came through the atmo.
about one week ago
still wet from the mist
a sphere
or a capsule
Hello are you a module

In the early morning
a little gardening
suddenly that thing
an indefinable vehicle
what a stroke
and “no”
I don’t make a joke

I’m very seriously
it really happened to me
PS, this is an old one, I found on my gallery
d.d. Oct. 2010
I would now trim (our cut off) more of the picture

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Geranium phaeum

Two years ago we took a very little of this Geranium from the wild, and now this has increased in our garden, hurray!
I’m just in love with his beautiful flowers, with the stamens and dark red colour.
So I just HAD to do an upload of this Geranium phaeum. Also called dusky crane’s-bill, mourning widow or black widow.

Het is een ‘pure beauty’
ook al zijn de bloempjes nogal klein
de details zijn verbazingwekkend.


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A Bee Between The Bells

Met het landingsgestel uit
Ć³p naar de volgende
“Out of the Blue”


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Pieris on the Rocks

Nog maar 3 weken geleden:

Dit zijn hagelstenen
opgevangen door onze
forrestii forest flame.


DochterSions šŸ™‚

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Faded Glory

En weer zijn we in onze tuin
gefascineerd bekeek ik dit kale kopje

Wel uitgebloeid
doch in al hun eenvoud
en bescheidenheid
zeer zeker
de moeite waard.


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Singing Lamium

This Lamium I could almost hear, plus look in his throat while singing his Spring Song.
And of course, he did that in our garden, where else, huh? šŸ˜‰

Een zingende Dovenetel.

En, waar deed ie dat,
natuurlijk in onze tuin.



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Wild Life in our Garden

Hollyhock, Bee &Ā  Beetle.


July 2015, after the rain.

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Een oppeppertje voor mezelf


Bij op Lavendel

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