Growth, offshoot.
It may be a chestnut
in which you can see
shape of the tree
it could be
a pea
a hazelnut
in your dreams.
Can be
you could
longing for
a favourable exist

That your being
could be
start from

The beginning
new again

Your life a new start
could make
from scratch


Het kan zijn een kastanje
die uitloopt
waarin al te zien is
de vorm van de boom.
Het kan zijn een erwt
een hazelnoot
in je droom.
Het kan zijn
waar je naar
zou verlangen aan
een groeizaam

Dat je leven
zou kunnen maken
een nieuwe start

Van voren af aan

Made with Apophysis, adding one of my Fe’s as a very soft background by PSP

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Dancing Butterflies in The Forest


Made with Fractal Explorer a while ago.

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Eye in Eye


You can for yourself think of what you see.
An eye that looks into the depth
A view inside a view
Someone who is trying to catch a fish
Two holes in the ice

I don’t know.
Maybe two holes and one eye
Or a mirror,
a reflection of holes, etcetera

Just let your eyes do the heavy lifting

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Made with Fractal Explorer.


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Emerging from Darkness


Emerging from the darkness,
a ghost of my past
time and again
he is involved

Around the corner
keeps an eye
as it did my life.
I unaware of
not knowing
that he or she was there

In my subconscious
deeply buried
as if it was a treasure.
However, increasing, more and more
I see the truth
about how angry
it was
‘cause I was born
with a different spirit
than its from him, her, it

I now in reality
come up against,
I meet and recognize

Again an older fractal, as poem from my gallery.
actually from January 2011.

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Poppy bulb in a sci-fi -role


No PP at all, I never do this with my photo’s.
It is always how it is 🙂
Maybe for I have no time to do this, or perhaps ‘cause I can’t ;D

A shooting star, or a space probe,
don’t know which mode
something that came through the atmo.
about one week ago
still wet from the mist
a sphere
or a capsule
Hello are you a module

In the early morning
a little gardening
suddenly that thing
an indefinable vehicle
what a stroke
and “no”
I don’t make a joke

I’m very seriously
it really happened to me
PS, this is an old one, I found on my gallery
d.d. Oct. 2010
I would now trim (our cut off) more of the picture

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