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My Magic Carpet



Over heuvels, over bergen, wie wil dat nu niet zien?
Dus, mag ik u uitnodigen voor een rit op mijn magische tapijt?
Alstublieft, neemt maar plaats, we vliegen zonder tijd
(en dit alles, zonder gekkigheid ;-))


Over hills, over mountains,
who doesn’t want to see that now?
So, may I invite
you for a ride
on my magic carpet,
it is really “WOW!
We will fly to where time doesn’t exist
And I tell you this without any craziness.

This is one Apophysis Fractal, with one of my photo’s as a soft background.

Thank you very much for your look, and please enjoy your view!

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May I invite you for a show?


Gladly I would like to invite you to a festival, and to be precise: to experience a dance festival in my aquarium.
I hope you will enjoy it.
Just let yourself be enchanted by the rhythm, and you will automatically hear your favourite music.

Anyway, I wish you all a pleasant start of the new week, which here is very bleak.
As I look out of our windows, this is what I see: Fog, and almost no colours, as if one can see the cold too.

Three Apophysis mixed together.

Please don’t copy or appropriate, design and copyright: Mies.
For full size, click on the image.



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Bad Spirits, they exist.

There was a challenge about Halloween
on Renderosity
and because I was just a little too late
to upload my entry
in the writers block
I put it on here.


Dark en sinister
the dangerous whisper
Smog is the place
but not to be in.

Nothing to win
cold against the skin
gloomy all in
penetrant the smell
pervasive in hell.

Totally lost
alone feeling frost
cold all bones
creepy all sounds
no way I see
dark holes around

Bad spirits they exist!

During Halloween there is no limit.

Endlessly is their list.

Drawing made by me.

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A flower who has a lot of names


So you may chose out of a selection of names for this ‘brother & sister’ flowers. Two in a kind to be precise.
: “Policeman’s helmet”, “Bobby Tops”, “Copper Tops”, Gnome’s Hatstand , and another three I know.
Well I like this name: “Kiss-me-on-the-mountain”. However, it must be the right person that gives you a kiss.
Nevertheless, it was on a mountain that I took this photo, in the fields nearby.

Thank you for your visit, wishing you all a lovely weekend.

p.s. The Latin name is: Impatiens glandulifera , and here we call it: Springbalsemien.

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To run, run runaway


Spotted in the fields, during ‘my runaway’ from home. 😉

This ladybug is a symbol for me
I would like to run away so this will make me free
In my re-experiences at PTSD

fact is, there is something that takes away my freedom
so I have to stay in the state
where no one grants me some.

And that’s what they make me feel
something that tortures me
every hour, minute and second of night and day
no good experience on my way
they make with me to stay.

And nothing I can ask them, or say
I have to endure it
keep their victim
which they can sheathed me
recoup their loss on me.

It sticks on me
their devilish game
all their altercate
and I didn’t know

Right from my birth
I stood
at the gate of hell.

Sorry for my superlative kind of language, but it is a translation of one of my pieces, written from my diary in Dutch.

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